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Winding down to sleep

Fitness Tip: Give yourself 3 hours – Yes 3 hours before going to bed. Do not consume anymore calories. Your body starts to slow down as the day goes on and gets ready for sleep. You do not want to consume a lot of calories right before you go to bed, because you will end potentially storing those calories as FAT!!!

Your body sometimes gives a false sense of being hungry as your bedtime nears. You get those 9pm cravings… And a lot of people end up hitting the Refrigerator and over consuming right before bed time…

Not good for managing your weight and body fat %. If you just can’t resist the munchies, then what I do is eat a few good fat nuts. Like unsalted Almonds skin-on (good for fiber) or a couple spoonfuls of no sugar added all natural peanut butter. Eating a good quality fat food will satisfy your craving and will keep you from binging on something with lots of bad carbohydrates or simple sugars, like ice cream, cake or cookies.

Exercise of the day: Band Close Grip Pull Down – The Band Close Grip Pull Down will hit your upper back region in just the right places and allow you to perform this exercise in your home or while traveling with your fitness bands.
Click Here to see it in action!

Greg Finch

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