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What is Your Why

What drives you to stay focused and on track?

What is your powerful reason why?

Thinking through what your why is and coming up with a short, memorable mission statement to give you a kick of motivation when you need it is extremely powerful.

When you have a weak moment your mission statement will give you a boost. Part of getting the results you want is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling you’ll have as you start to change your habits. Your mission statement will get you through those moments.

Recently a client mentioned that he became part of The Studio Fitness Family because of his daughter.

His WHY is to get and keep himself in shape to be able to take her surfing when she is old enough. He figures that is about 3 years from now. Every day he wakes up thinking “What are the right choices to make today to put me closer to that goal”?

Thinking about his daughter and being able to one day take her surfing and share that amazing experience and create memories for a lifetime.

That’s a powerful reason WHY. What’s your why?
What gets me up in the morning is helping clients define their “WHY” and keep them driving to that goal.


Greg Finch

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