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The Fitness Myth Scourge

In today’s media heavy world we are plagued by misinformation; paralyzed by myths and restrictive approaches that hurt our attempts to become healthier.

As a health professional to empower anyone to believe and accept that they can live a better life-regardless of whom they are, where their from, or their level of fitness takes a tremendous amount of work.

We live in a world where being “healthy” is viewed as a painful and arduous sacrifice because people have been taught that “diet” and exercise is only for people who are already fit or have endless free time to spend in the gym. (By the way diet is the ultimate myth NO diet will ever give you success. There is only the path that is nutrition and the choices that make one’s nutrition balanced).

You see these barriers everywhere.

Fitness Plan Misconceptions:

  • People misunderstanding weight training (It’s great for men and women and it won’t automatically make you bulky)
  • The idea that there’s only one fitness approach that leads to a better body and better health. (False)
  • The belief that you have to work hours (and hours…and hours) in the gym to shred fat or burn muscle (False)

Nutrition Misconceptions:

  • Fears of certain foods (Egg yolks and red meat, anyone?)
  • Misconceptions of how often you need to eat (It’s really up to you and dependent on goals. There are certain details that help but there’s not just 1 approach)
  • Lies about when you need to eat (Time your meals in a way that works for your schedule, not by some dogmatic approach; so eat breakfast if you want, or push it back if you don’t. Personally I can’t skip breakfast EVER you might be able to easily)
  • Myths about the foods you do eat (Carbs are not the devil, you can eat lots of protein, and fat won’t make you fat)

At Studio Fitness we are driven everyday to get accurate, approachable, and applicable information out to those that will benefit. This information needs to be heard not only by fitness enthusiasts but by those that struggle with their movement and health.

If you or those that you care about are ready and committed. Our Studio Fitness Team is here to help you shed the myths and mis-information that are keeping you from reaching your goals. This goal is what gets me up, drives me forward, and fuels the fire.

Take action today, take back control of your health, and accomplish goals you never imagined possible – To get a FREE Two Week Personal Training Membership FOLLOW THIS LINK  or contact us at- 805 776 3676 –


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