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Successful Triathlon Experience

It seems like it has been a long time coming and then poof it’s done.  My Pacific Grove Triathlon took place this past Saturday September 13th.  Setting a goal for my finish time was a bit tough at the start of my training program.  How long would it take me to finish each discipline?  It was a bit of a guessing game.  I reached my goal of finishing under 3 hours.  I’m happy with reaching that goal and chomping at the bit to blow that finish time away at my next event. My times are broken down below.

The experience overall has been wonderful, educational, and motivating.  To be pushing hard on your bike and have an elite rider fly past you is well, tremendously motivating.  A little healthy competition can kick you into another gear.

I would like to thank everyone that has provided me with support and encouragement as I have prepared for my first, of many, triathlons.  I would specifically like  to thank my wife Jill for all her love and encouragement.  Her help in designing my nutritional plan for training and my day before and morning of meals allowed me the luxury of focusing on the physical training aspects.  I also want to thank her for the occasional kick in the butt on those days when the last thing I wanted to do was go out on a 6 mile run.

Also I would like to thank Shannon Jordan and Ross Dover for the use of their bikes throughout my training and on race day.  Certainly couldn’t have done it without  a great bike.

To anyone who has thought about training for a triathlon or to those who think they could never complete such an event, I say, just start working toward it one swim, bike, or run at a time.  You will be tremendously rewarded in ways that you haven’t even considered.

Here’s to reaching that next goal.


Greg Finch
FORM Fitness

Total Triathlon Time 2:49:41

Swim Lap 1 0:15:26.250

Swim Lap 2 0:15:43.700

Swim Time Total  0:31:09.950

Transition 1 0:03:12.450

Bike Lap 1 0:21:27.860

Bike Lap 2 0:21:32.320

Bike Lap 3 0:21:17.520

Bike Lap 4 0:20:48.030

Bike Time Total 1:25:05.730

Transition 2 0:02:22.590

Run Lap 1 0:16:44.410

Run Lap 2 0:15:59.070

Run Lap 3 0:15:07.270

Run Time Total 0:47:50.750

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