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Keep Within Your Target Heart Rate

Fitness Tip: ALWAYS keep an eye on your pulse – When doing aerobic or cardiovascular training, keep your pulse between 65 – 80% of your maximum heart rate or your Target Heart Rate. This will burn up to 9 times more calories. Dropping below your target heart rate will not burn nearly as many fat calories, and going above your target heart rate may lead to muscle breakdown.

How do you figure your Target Heart Rate. There are more than a few ways to arrive at your Target Heart Rate. Some geared towards a more scientific approach, thus more involved, that many elite athletes and individuals working on very specific goals utilize. We are going to talk about a more generalized, but effective, method to give you your Target Heart Rate. Take your age and minus it from 220, take that amount and multiple it by 65%. That is the bottom range of your Target Heart Rate. Now take your age and minus it from 220, take that number and multiple it by 80%. That is the top end of your target heart rate.

Click on this link to go to my calculator for figuring your Target Heart Rate

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