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Don’t get caught in the Cardio rut

Try something new in your cardio routine! Besides being a great cardio workout, a rowing machine uses many different muscle groups including abs, back, chest, arms, hips, glutes and legs. Remember to start slow, strap in your feet, draw in your abdomen and maintain good posture throughout the movement.
With the beautiful outdoor resources we have available on the  Central Coast take your new cardio a step further.  Get out and go kayaking.  With numerous rental choices right on the Morro Bay Embarcadero, professional guides to show you the ropes, and tremendous weather lately nows the time to try something knew.
To get ready for this new activity try the exercise of the week below to get your shoulders and arms in paddling shape.
Ball Band Chest Press Advanced – The Ball Band Chest Press Advanced exercise, really challenges you as you stabilize yourself on one leg using your fitness ball as you work your entire chest region with exercise bands.
Click Here to see it in action!
Have a great day of Fitness,
Greg Finch
FORM & Fitness

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