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Food Combinations For A Healthier Lifestyle

There is a lot of research that educates us on how to be fit and healthy as well as offer information on what to eat and what to avoid. Usually we end up with regurgitated material that inevitably says to eat more fruit and veggies and lay off the high caloric, high fat snacks. By now, this should be common knowledge but the newestContinue reading

Burnin’ Love

Heartburn is unpleasant for those that have to contend with it so many simply swear off spicy or trigger foods that cause their discomfort. This is certainly an option for avoiding heartburn but it is one that isn’t preferred. The good news is that nutritionists, internists and other medical professionals have found that we don’t have to take the avoidance approach when it comes to the foods we love. We just need to take precautionary measures and make the right choices.

The Culprits
The most common culprits which cause heartburn are foods that contain citrus and foods that are spicy. Alcohol, coffee, chocolate and tomato based foods are also known to be problematic. Since these foods and groups make up a large percentage of what we love to eat and drink, it can be unpleasant and near impossible to swear off them forever. But we don’t have to!

Foods that fall into the heartburn category are those that increase the acid reflux in our body. Acidic foods can sometimes influence the valve which is located at the top of the stomach to release and relax, which then causes the burning sensation of heartburn. Most recently however, doctors have found little if any evidence that any of these foods can cause heartburn and in most cases, it is a trial and error occurrence. One day a certain food may cause heartburn and the next it may not. This complicates things for those who are trying to identify their triggers.

How to Eat the Foods You Love
If you are craving that Mexican dish and want to lessen the chances of heartburn, consider eating a smaller portion and doing so in the earlier hours of the day. Almost half of the people that report suffering from heartburn report experiencing it at nighttime when they are less active or less likely to be active. Fatty foods that sit in the stomach often cause heartburn and indigestion because we sleep lying down which gives the contents of the stomach the chance to flow freely to the esophagus and cause discomfort. If we eat these foods in smaller portions and during the day when we are most active, we can decrease the risk of getting heartburn.

It is also helpful to elevate the head while in bed or lying down as this will prevent the foods you have eaten from travelling upward to the esophagus. After eating a citrus or spicy meal, add an additional pillow behind your head so that the contents stay deep within the stomach.

You might also try engaging in a little exercise before bed to get the blood flowing and to increase your metabolism so that the foods will digest and process more quickly. The faster food is metabolized and used for energy, the less amount of time it will hang around in your stomach.

After consuming a meal that may cause heartburn, chew on a stick of gum! The natural saliva will assist in moving the foods you have eaten into your stomach and keep it away from the esophagus. Gum chewing is also helpful in combating indigestion and upset stomachs. Just refrain from mint gum as it is more acidic and could cause heartburn.

Finally a successful method to avoiding heartburn is to pop an antacid about 30 minutes before eating a meal that may cause heartburn. This will help to calm and coat the stomach area and also help break down the foods or drink you are about to consume. By neutralizing the acids in the stomach there will be less of a chance that you will suffer from acid burning while the magnesium and aluminum will help to break down the salts and aid in the digestion process.

You can use the antacids after heartburn has set in but if you suspect the foods you are about to consume will trigger it, taking them beforehand can be more beneficial than after the fact.

Fit at Any Age

Managing to stay fit at any age presents its own set of hurdles and challenges, particularly in our older years when metabolisms begin to slow down and our muscles, bones and joints aren’t as strong as they once were. Far too many people associate being fit with being skinny, but there are definitive differences between them, and this is never more apparent than during the later years of life. With age our joints, muscles and bones can become more sensitive and prone to injuries. Because of things like arthritis and osteoporosis, Continue reading

On The Go

With the hectic schedules that we all keep the popularity of energy bars is on the rise for a quick, fuel packed snack that can be eaten on the go and is hassle free. Marketers of these handy treats do a phenomenal job of hyping up the nutritional value; however looks can be deceiving and so can marketing campaigns. Having said that, not all the news is bad when it Continue reading

At Ease Soldier

Exceeding the demands of duty can inflame stress and increase your risk for burnout. Taking time to relax and regroup is not a luxury-it’s an essential part of a balanced life.It’s a contemporary cliché-the classic tale of the star performer who begins with a bang and ends with a fizzle, all that high energy and enthusiasm simply fading away.

Burnout, the feeling of being emotionally, physically and psychologically depleted, may pose a real risk, particularly to overachieving types with unrealistic goals, or people in the helping professions-medicine, teaching, social services etc. Imbalance is usually at the heart of burnout. Sufferers typically make unreasonable investments of time, commitment and focusContinue reading

Have Fun Losing Weight

You know what isn’t fair? The fact that it’s so much more fun to gain weight than it is to diet and exercise. That has to be one of the real reasons why people don’t like to lose weight, right? I mean it only makes sense. If doing what it took to be at your ideal weight was more enjoyable than what it takes to gain weight, we wouldn’t have a problem with obesity.It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Imagine if it wasn’t such a drag to get healthy, to lose weight, to eat right or to exercise. I’m sure you can see what a positive impact that could have on how much you weigh. Here are some ideas you can put to use to make it fun.Continue reading