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Personal Training

Personal Training

  • Looking to take your training to the next level?
  • Have you been to other personal trainers but were not impressed?

  • Do you want a fitness program that encompasses all aspects of fitness and is absolutely perfect for your specific needs?

Studio Fitness Personal Training is what you have been looking for!

We know you will recognize the difference in personal training when you come to Studio Fitness. We pride ourselves in making your experience not only the most professional and valuable, but also fun. The atmosphere is amazing and you just know you are in good hands when you train at Studio Fitness.

Here a few things that you can expect from personal training with Studio Fitness:

  • Goal oriented workouts that always evolve to meet your increasing fitness level

  • In depth goal setting sessions

  • Your weight, measurements, abilities, and progress to be constantly tracked

  • A Functional Movement Screen to assess how your body moves and corrective exercises to make sure that your body is performing the way it should be and is less likely to be injured.

  • Free grocery store tours and nutrition talks

  • Program design that is constantly researched and current with what information we have available in the industry.

Training with Studio Fitness is something that is difficult to explain with words. That is why we invite you to come try us out! Come in and check the place out and ask any questions that you have by scheduling a free consultation. Give us call at (805) 776-3676 now to see what you have been missing.

What is Personal Training?

At Studio Fitness, personal training is individualized fitness training in groups of two to four people. Personal training is a great way to get the best of two great worlds. You receive the personal attention, accountability, and custom program design that you would in personal training and the camaraderie, and affordability of group training.

Personal training is also a great way to spend positive time with loved ones. Many couples, siblings, and parents and children enjoy the benefits of lifestyle support in AND out of the gym. Working out with a buddy greatly increases your success in reaching your goals.

Studies have shown that people are less likely to miss sessions and are more likely to stick with their nutrition plan with a strong support system. What could be more fun than working out with people you know and love with the added support of a fitness coach?

Personal training is also a great way to make new friends. At Studio Fitness we do not require you to bring anyone with you to make a group. You can still take advantage of the affordability by signing up alone and gain workout partners along the way.

What can I expect in a Personal Training session?

All Studio Fitness personal training sessions begin with tissue quality. We will assist you in your tissue work by explaining the technique of foam rolling as well as assisting you with the areas specific to your needs.

After tissue quality, we will be addressing any strength/muscular imbalances, mobility, and/or stability issues that you might have. Skilled trainers will assign corrective exercises and a warm-up specific to your body. These exercises will be performed at this time in your session.

The body of your workout will be tailored around your goals. Different goals require a different program design. Fat loss, injury rehab, sports performance, and maintaining fitness are all things we cater to in Personal Training.

A fitness coach will be assigned to you and your small group and uphold all of the same standards as 1 on 1 Private Training. So whether you are interested in 1 on 1 or Personal Training we have on option.

Just give us a call at (805) 776-3676 to schedule a Success Session to find out which type of training is right for you.

Program Design

Can’t workout at Studio Fitness very often, but want the same quality programs as our 1 on 1 personal training clients? Program Design offers the abilty to get our world class programs designed to fit your schedule, gym, home, outside, etc.

Program design clients also enjoy all of the other member perks that full time Studio Fitness clients enjoy like goal setting sessions with a Nutrition Coach, workshops and lectures, and all of our other member perks for FREE. Program Design Includes:

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Workout Program Specific To Your Needs

  • A 1 on 1 Personal Training Session To Go Over Your Program

  • Goals Setting Session and Other Member Perks (If Desired)

So if you are looking for 1 on 1 Private Training, Personal Training, or cutting edge personal program design, we have you covered. Just call (805) 776-3676 to get started!!


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