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Shed Pounds by Eating Breakfast

Fat loss is on the top of many people’s lists these days. People will try all sorts of weight loss programs only to be disappointed with the results. Trend diets may give quick results but they are not a long term solution to weight loss.

Still the most effective way to successful weight loss is eating a well balanced diet including a healthy breakfast. It’s true when they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and here are the reasons why.Before delving into the facts, let’s just take a look at the definition of breakfast. Breakfast comes from the words breaking of fast. You might ask, “When did I fast?” The answer is, from the time you went to sleep until the time you woke up. So, how can breakfast actually help to lose weight?

  • When you skip breakfast, you’re more likely to crave food later in the day
  • When we don’t break our fast in the morning we tend to then make poor food choices throughout the day
  • When hunger hits unexpectedly your will crave “easy calories”
  • Raise your hand if the vending machine or flashing fast food drive-thru signs have ever worn you down in the afternoon.
  • Your body will always crave food high in calories, sodium and fat. Your body is a machine and can’t differentiate between good and bad calories.

If we think about the way our bodies store and use calories you’ll understand why it’s important to start our day with a proper meal. We burn most of our energy during the day while we’re at work or at play. Our bodies need to use the calories from what we’ve consumed to exert the energy. By eating when we wake up we’re able to use those calories throughout the day. As our day winds down we need fewer calories. In Western cultures we typically eat our largest meal in the evening. However, consuming most of the calories at the end of the day is counterproductive. We don’t burn as many calories during our sleep as we do being active during the day. The calories we don’t burn off at night stay in our system and eventually turn into fat. Therefore, it makes more sense to eat our largest meal in the morning, a slightly smaller meal at lunch and an even smaller one in the evening. It’s not just about having breakfast. The foods you choose to eat are also important when trying to lose weight. The best breakfast options include

  • Protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.
  • Foods high in fibre are also a good choice.

An example of a well balanced, healthy breakfast include

  • A hard-boiled egg or Greek yogurt
  • Whole grain toast with peanut butter or even better Almond butter
  • A piece of fruit.

In the colder months oatmeal with fruit is a great options as it warms you up and makes you feel full for longer. Although it’s not a great choice to have every day, fried eggs and bacon (with no nitrates) can be enjoyed every once in a while. If you’re rushed in the mornings and don’t feel there’s time to start your day with a healthy meal here are some other alternatives.

  • A smoothie made with low fat milk, fruit, greek yogurt and a little whey protein powder
  • A protein bar that is not overloaded with protein and an apple. Also, read the labels and avoid the bars that have a lot of added sugar or artificial flavors.

Speak with any dietician or nutritionist and they will all say that breakfast is extremely important for weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. Make a good start and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you start to lose the weight. You’ll also notice that you’ll be making healthy food choices throughout the day.

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