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Keep It Simple (You know the last word)

At Studio Fitness we’re often asked, I really want to lose body fat from my...

- Tummy
- Love handles
- Wings
- Butt

...How do I do that?

Below I’ll outline a way to reduce each of these:

>>> Create a calorie deficit in your diet <<<

That’s it. Is it the full answer to all your questions? NO!

...And that's exactly the point. If you look to answer every question or solve for the complete picture at the start and all at once you know what you achieve?


Actually you do achieve one thing PARALYSIS!

Paralysis of:

>>> Choice
>>> Doubt
>>> Information Overload

And on and on. You get overwhelmed by EVERYTHING and the mind does what it has been trained to do...

Shut down and provide you with your basic needs: 

  • Calories: Sugar, salts and fats
  • Caloric Conservation: Sit on the coach and each sugar, salts & fats
  • Reduction of Risk: Don't try = Can't fail

When clients start with me many have experienced (Some over and over again) self sabotaging behavior.

Knowing is not equal to doing. Seems obvious right? That is why it can have such a huge negative impact on your success. But that primal part of your brian never sleeps. It is always there to act and overreact.

How do you overcome? YOU MOVE! EVERY DAY!!!

And how do you do that effectively? Be part of a group that will:

Structure your success
Support you
Make it fun
Kick you in the butt when you need it

Commit to yourself. Commit to being in a vastly better place physically and emotionally in a month than you are today.

Don't wait invest in yourself. Grab one of the available spots in our next 28 Day Transformation Challenge.

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