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7 Tips For a Good Night’ Sleep

Below are 7 great tips on a good night sleep from our partners at Precision Nutrition.

I would like to add as THEE most important approach to good sleep is what we like to call “Positive Exhaustion” – Energy expended in a physically demanding yet enjoyable way (Preferably an activity you are very passionate about). This Positive Exhaustion not only works the body but also needs to challenge and please the mind.

This challenge and physical expenditure can make huge improvements to Stress Reduction, proper Hormone Levels, and gives us a different perspective on what is going on in our lives.

If you have a consistent physical activity you are passionate about, cherish it, support it, and keep it a priority. If you don’t, find support to stay consistent in a physical activity. 

7 Sleep Tips From The Pros at Precision Nutrition:

1. Good sleep is crucial for good health. There are no short cuts, despite what the “sleep hackers” say.

2. Make good sleep a priority. Your physical, mental, and emotional well being will thank you.

3. Think about good sleep as a 24 hour process. What you do during your waking period will affect your sleeping period, and vice versa.

4. Reinforce your natural circadian needs. When it’s supposed to be dark and quiet, make things really dark and quiet. When it’s supposed to be bright, noisy, and stimulating, get moving with some bright light.

5. Give your body and mind transition time. Allow at least 30 minutes (and preferably an hour) in the evening to slowly wind down and prepare for sleep.

6. Stick to a routine. Bodies love routines and consistency. If your body knows what to expect in your day, it’ll help you wake up and doze off at the right time.

7. You can’t control your actual sleep. But you can control your sleep behaviors and environment. Take charge of your actions and surroundings, be consistent, and enjoy the Zs.

Here for your health,

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