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Are You Heading Toward Fit or Fat?

Today we have 5 tips for you to use this weekend and as we head into summer holidays to keep focused on our fitness. Follows these tips and you can enjoy your holidays and weekend fun free of guilt.


5 Weekend Weight Loss Tricks


The weekend is upon you. Do you have plans? Do those plans include exercising, eating well, and staying fit? If not, and for a lot of us it is rarely a part of our weekend plans, there are some things you can do to keep from gaining weight or falling too far off the wagon. According to some research, women consume about 115 more calories each day over the weekend than they do during the week. Those extra calories can tack on about nine to ten pounds each year. That is why you need a few tips to help you to avoid weekend weight gain.


Put Down the Alcohol


What you may not realize about the alcoholic beverages you are drinking is that they are high in calories. It may be hard to stop drinking them, but at least minimize the amount you are drinking. It is a good idea to skip those desert-like drinks altogether since those drinks tend to have the highest number of calories in them.


Don’t Forget to Eat


You are busy shopping and hanging out with friends. You may shop your way right through your Saturday lunch. That is not a good idea because once you do catch up to a meal, you will find yourself consuming too much. In addition, you may find yourself eating more of the wrong foods as a result. If you will be busy during lunchtime, you should at least pack a snack to take with you, such as nuts or granola.


Monitor Movie Eating


Are you heading to the movies this weekend? If so, put down the popcorn and the sugary soda. Both of these can kill any of your good eating habits during the week. In fact, a soda and popcorn combo can pack a hefty 1600 calories, depending on the size. That is a lot of calories for just one person for one meal. The better option, then, is to bring your own foods, if your movie theater lets you. Try the 100 calorie packs of goodies available prepackaged for you otherwise. Many movie theaters now offer these.


Date Night Dinner Mistakes


When heading out for that special dinner, do take the time to focus on what you are eating. Choose foods that are healthy for you. Skip out on fatty deserts that make you feel bad after that date, too. You may want to choose the smallest steak or go for the vegetables instead of the baked potato. These small changes will help to reduce the weekend weight gain.


Stay Active


Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make on the weekends is not doing anything. Get busy. Go for a run, swim or play a game of basketball with your friends.


By doing these things, you keep your body in line for your health goals throughout the week. At the same time, though, you are not depriving yourself of the things you love to do or of the time that you get to spend with your friends. Stay focused and on track in your health and fitness 90% of the time and enjoy gully the other 10%. It’s all about balance and quality of life and you know what? A nice IPA or Stout now and again is a big part of my quality of life. Work hard and live life.


Here for your health,


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