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Too Busy To Exercise?

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time it seems to take to exercise?  Turned off by the idea of countless hours on a treadmill or elliptical?  With an already busy work and family life schedule, it’s hard to imagine finding any more time in the day for exercise. With small tweaks in your schedule you can fit in a little bit of exercise each day. That will make a world of difference to your health. Below are suggestions on how to break it down in different ways.

With my private clients at Studio Fitness I incorporate Compact Training’s into all my Program Designs. I have found a significant increase in the client’s ability to maintain high levels of exercise (Thus caloric burn) when the programs is condensed to 30 minutes. The focus is on higher levels of intensity, shorter rest periods, elevated intervals of aerobic/anaerobic cardio and maintaining a safe training baseline for the client. 

A Simple Exercise Program

Instead of ignoring exercise altogether, here’s a suggestion for integrating it int0 your busy schedule. Think of exercise like you think of a major task in the office or at home. Break it up into smaller components. Instead of spending two hours training, divide up your workout in more manageable pieces.

Suggestion A

30 minutes four times a week, i.e.: 20 minutes cardio, 10 minutes weights (1 muscle group each time, e.g. legs)

Suggestion B

30 minutes three times a week
Mon: 20 minutes cardio + 10 minutes stretching;
Wed: 20 minutes weights (2 muscle groups, e.g. back and abdominals) + 10 minutes of cardio.
Fri: 20 minutes cardio + 10 minutes of weights (two muscle groups, e.g. triceps or chest, biceps or shoulders)

Suggestion C

20 minutes 5 days a week.
Week 1: all cardio (Interval Training is best)
Week 2: weights
Week 3: Cardio on Mon/Wed/Fri, Weights on Tues/Thurs
Week 4: Weights on Mon/Wed/Fri Cardio on Tues/Thurs

Repeat the entire cycle when you get to month 2.

Frequency and Intensity

Ideally, you should gradually increase the frequency or intensity, or both. But if you’re busy, and definitely can’t spare more than 30 minutes a day, then increase your intensity. This means if your cardio involves the treadmill, take the notch up 1 level (if you started with level 3, go on to level 4 on month 2).

For your weight training, if you started with 5-pound weights, graduate into 7.5 pounds in month 2. And then on those days when your day is not filled with meetings, try to stay an extra 5-10 minutes.

Be realistic with your goals, especially when you’re just starting. Increasing frequency and intensity too soon can overwhelm you, making you want to give up.

We all know how important exercise is and it’s often not the desire that’s lacking but the time. By following this simple workout tricks you’ll be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle even if you’re juggling your work and home life.

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