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Nutrition for Post-Workout Recovery

Nutrition is always important but today we are going to focus special attention on when your training has just ended. Post-exercise recovery nutrition helps you start your next workout strong so you can keep improving on your best effort.

In order to maintain proper hydration and help prepare for the next day’s workout, it’s important to replace the fluids lost during exercise. Remember, weight lost during exercise represents fluid loss through sweat not fat loss. A good rule of thumb is to drink ~16-24 ounces of fluid with sodium for every pound of weight loss during exercise. In addition, a small amount of high-quality protein (as little as 10g), particularly whey and milk protein, can help repair and build lean muscle mass. If you’re looking to gain muscle, consume ~20 g of protein shortly following exercise.

That 15 minute window after your exercise is the best opportunity you have to replace essential vitamin’s and minerals your body needs to start the recovery process.  This recovery iss essential to getting the most out of your workout and a quick recovery sets you up for success going into your next workout. If you are tired or sore you won’t be as motivated or focused thus getting less from that next work out. It really can create a snowball effect and can zap your progress.

Set yourself up for success and do a little preparing for your post work out meal. If you can go straight to breakfast, lunch or dinner great. If not make sure to bring that high-quality protein for a shake that you can consume right away. You can bring a small 1% milk container with you or just use water, shake it up, and your good to go.

Remember you want to get everything out that you can from all the hard work you put in and a strong Post-Workout Recovery drink will go a long way in improving your fitness results.

Here for your health,

Greg Finch

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