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My Personal Struggles in Fitness

I get this a lot at parties and gatherings, “you must just love to work out and owning Studio Fitness it’s probably really easy to get it done”.


Those that know me know my love of surfing pretty much supersedes everything else besides friends and family. So when the surf is firing, yep, I get all the training and exercise I need and then some. Even my flexibility program steps up so I don’t tighten down from all the hours in the ocean.


When the surf is on I can be out of bed before 5 and surf for 2-3 hours without a thought towards motivation. Then the surf goes flat & so does my fitness program. My Fitness can just fall off a cliff if I let it.

So what keeps that from happening? Preparation, structure, and accountability. Essentially exactly the same things I prioritize with all my Studio Fitness client’s.

Preparation – I have my program designed and scheduled 2 weeks forward from today.

Structure – If there’s surf I exchange that program with my STRETCH, SURF, STRETCH, ICE, EAT A GREAT RECOVERY MEAL, & REPEAT routine. If the surf’s flat it’s forward with my scheduled program.

Accountability – This is by far the hardest piece for me. I hold over 60 people accountable to their Fitness Program every week. So I am an expert on how to make that happen, FOR OTHER PEOPLE. I practice those skills every day, every week, all year long. But those skills are only marginally helpful to my own accountability.

So what do I do? I use tools outside of myself that create that accountability. A lot of the same tools that we use to keep our client’s accountable.

Technology – I use our Remote Training Program just like I am one of my client’s. I use the Remote Training App to track and schedule the program in my iPhone’s calendar which is set to text and e-mail when my workouts are scheduled to start.

Commit to friends – By making a commitment to a friend to train together it builds social enjoyment and accountability. This is a main advantage in our Group Training Program and a major reason Studio Fitness has expanded it’s schedule of these programs.

Hire a Professional – Throughout my career as a trainer I have hired other professionals to learn from, to keep me on track, and to raise the bar of the goals I reach. On a recent trip I took part in a boxing training. It focused on foot work, punch combinations, & endurance. I learned a lot from it not the least of which was that it kicked my @$$. Translated: Time to throw some more variations into my workouts.

Bottom line is this:

Except for that rare individual (aka FREAK) getting your workouts in is hard.

It takes Preparation, Structure, and Accountability. What really helps is to find your passion. Something specific that you train for. Nothing vague like to get stronger, be more fit, more flexible. Don’t get me wrong those are great goals to strive for but they are not a PASSION.

When you train for your passion you will get those extra burpees done, or that last round of bear crawl (Ask a current Studio Fitness client about those).


Here for your health,

Greg Finch
(805) 776 3676


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