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Fitness Events Coming up on the central coast

Looking for some motivation, accountability, and goal setting for your fitness program?  Here at FORM Fitness we want to make fitness events a priority to help our clientèle reach their goals.  If you have an event on your calendar you have a date that will help set your training schedule, keep you on that schedule, and help motivate you through those inevitable rough patches.  Below are a few events, 2 running events and a duathlon.  This is only a small sample of a tremendous amount of events out their.  Do some research on your own or ask us for additional suggestions.

I will begin training next month for "The Alcatraz Challenge" an Aquathlon (Swim and Run) event in San Francisco.  Their are two events available this year in May and the usual July.  This will be the first year that this event is organized and promoted by TRICalifornia a great organization that puts on the local WildFlower Triathlon and numerous other events. Below is a link to the event page:

FORM Fitness will offer training for the Alcatraz Challenge as a small group intensive.  Does the idea of swimming from Alcatraz island and then running over the Golden Gate bridge and BACK sound intimidating or exciting?  Did you answer yes to one or both of those questions?  This intensive program is for you.  Answered no to both questions?  This group is definietley for you.  Come on face that fear, meet that challenge, it will invigorate you.  FORM Fitness will help.  Details of the intensive program to come or contact me directly with questions.

Greg Finch
FORM Fitness

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