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Consistency, Can’t Do “Healthy” Without It

Throughout the years I have watched as clients have made tremendous strides in improving their quality of life.  Each one of these clients has taken different paths, struggled in various aspects, and each has unique strengths and weaknesses.  Even with all the differences one theme runs through all their success:

CONSISTENCY !  Without fail, through periods of stress and calm alike, they never waver from their focus in their programs. They take steps both large and small everyday.

Am I working on the right exercise program? Was that enough cardio this week? Did I do too much upper body strength training? Not enough legs? All these questions, and literally hundreds more, are important and need your attention.  But if you don't have consistency, the answers to the previous questions won't matter much.

Even with a strong discipline and determination, consistency takes real focus. For most of us this means support from outside ourselves.  Search for that support in friends, family, or professionals.  Wherever you can find it.  We all need to view our life's fitness plan as a foundation for our health and reinforce this idea everyday through action.  Make your physical movement a major player in your stress relief and a healthy escape from your daily grind. 

If you will allow me a re-imagining of what Confucius said long ago – A journey of a thousand miles continues each day with the first step.   

Where will your first step take you tomorrow?


Greg Finch
FORM Fitness

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