Client Welcome Series – Studio Fitness of Morro Bay


This video will help you get started on your program at Studio Fitness

3 Things to do everyday for the first 3 weeks of your program
Don't worry they are quick, painless and great for you

1. 8 glasses of water everyday

Start with a nice cold one right after you wake up. Get your hydration kick started after that long dry night. If it is hot or you exercise in the day up your total intake amount. But get at least 8 cups per day. 

2. Box breathing

I go through it with you in the video above but essentially it is 4 second inhale, 4 second hold, 4 second exhale and 4 second hold. Repeat three round and complete that 3 times per day. Once in the morning, noon and early evening. More often is better and especially if you are feeling more stressed or anxious than usual.

3. Celebrate your wins 

The great things that you accomplish in your day need to be recognized. When you complete a training at The Studio or go for a walk on the beach or take the stairs over an elevator. The small wins build to medium and then large wins as we go forward. The are building blocks to skyscraper goals in your health and fitness and those goals are reached one brick at a time.

Your Studio Fitness Team Is Always Here For You

Whenever you have questions, need guidance or would like to share a win we got your back. When you contact us through the ways below our Community Manager will get it to the right person on the Team.


Phone / Text: (805) 776-3676

Again Welcome to the Studio Fitness Family. We are so excited to have you part of The Studio and to see all that you are going to accomplish