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What Are You Doing Right Now?

Before we get into to todays topic I want to make sure you know about our 28 Day Fitness Challenge that is launching next Monday 1/26. Just by getting stronger, losing weight, & getting friends and family in the Challenge you could win a iPad Mini and other great

Mindfulness, have you been hearing this term more lately? What does it mean to us and our lives? mindfulness-graphic
Mindfulness can be defined as “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.”
Presence can be very elusive to us nowadays. Social media, phones, kids, work, spouses you name it all vie for our time and attention. With all these distractions how do we stay in the present? There’s no real trick to it other than practice and commitment.
Try this right now:
– Take stock of your surroundings, are you sitting/standing? How does the chair or the ground beneath your feet feel?
– Is there wind on your face? The Sun? How does your skin feel?
– Take a mental picture. Pick out 3-5 distinct details about the moment you are in RIGHT NOW. Commit to remembering those details within the context of that particular moment. CREATE A MEMORY.
I have done this, with varying degrees of success, throughout my life. The first time I consciously tried this practice I was waiting for an order of a slice of pepperoni pizza, at the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia CA, the entrance doors to the mall were on my right, a watch store was behind me.
I was 16 at the time and working at a cards and gifts store called Bravo. What is so fascinating about this memory is that it has no other significance or importance to my life than the memory itself. In fact I had stood in that spot and ordered that exact same slice of pizza probably a hundred times over the years that I worked at Bravo (Pizza? I was 16 what do you expect?)
The takeaway is, of course we want to remember as many details of the significant occurrences in our lives. But don’t discount the small memories and times in your life. The small times are what make up the significant percentage of our lives.
– Be ALIVE in each moment
– Find the beauty in small quiet times
– Make memories
The clarity and focus it brings will astound you and help you reach goals that may seem unattainable at the time.
Come be a part of our 28 Day Challenge. Nothing like sweating your butt off with friends to put you in the moment!
Take Action & Have Fun,
Greg Finch
Chief Motivational Officer
Surf Strong Fitness & Studio Fitness
(805) 776 3676

7 Tips For a Good Night’ Sleep

Below are 7 great tips on a good night sleep from our partners at Precision Nutrition.

I would like to add as THEE most important approach to good sleep is what we like to call “Positive Exhaustion” – Energy expended in a physically demanding yet enjoyable way (Preferably an activity you are very passionate about). This Positive Exhaustion not only works the body but also needs to challenge and please the mind.

This challenge and physical expenditure can make huge improvements to Stress Reduction, proper Hormone Levels, and gives us a different perspective on what is going on in our lives.

If you have a consistent physical activity you are passionate about, cherish it, support it, and keep it a priority. If you don’t, find support to stay consistent in a physical activity. 

7 Sleep Tips From The Pros at Precision Nutrition:
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My Personal Struggles in Fitness

I get this a lot at parties and gatherings, “you must just love to work out and owning Studio Fitness it’s probably really easy to get it done”.


Those that know me know my love of surfing pretty much supersedes everything else besides friends and family. So when the surf is firing, yep, I get all the training and exercise I need and then some. Even my flexibility program steps up so I don’t tighten down from all the hours in the ocean.


When the surf is on I can be out of bed before 5 and surf for 2-3 hours without a thought towards motivation. Then the surf goes flat & so does my fitness program. My Continue reading

At Ease Soldier

Exceeding the demands of duty can inflame stress and increase your risk for burnout. Taking time to relax and regroup is not a luxury-it’s an essential part of a balanced life.It’s a contemporary cliché-the classic tale of the star performer who begins with a bang and ends with a fizzle, all that high energy and enthusiasm simply fading away.

Burnout, the feeling of being emotionally, physically and psychologically depleted, may pose a real risk, particularly to overachieving types with unrealistic goals, or people in the helping professions-medicine, teaching, social services etc. Imbalance is usually at the heart of burnout. Sufferers typically make unreasonable investments of time, commitment and focusContinue reading